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Legisiuris de Macau em Revista, Nº 4

We are pleased that the CRED-DM – presents the 2nd Work of THESES COLLECTION – Acquisition and Acceptance in Own Shares Guarantee – Contribution to Understanding Your Regimes, written by Edson Jordão da Silva.

Edson Jordão da Silva, was Master’s student at the Law School of the University of Macau, having completed her dissertation with a final grade of Very Good, 18 points, and recommendation of the work for publication.

It is therefore this work, revised and improved the CRED-DM, leads to all Jurists, readers and other interested public, thus fulfilling one of its major desiderata: give space and time to young lawyers of Macao, and the all who write about this unique and natural law, which is the Law of the Macau SAR.


$ 72.00 $ 80.00 MOP



Legisiuris de Macau em Revista
Centro de Reflexão, Estudo e Difusão do Direito de Macau
Fundação Rui Cunha
Conselho de Administração
Rui Cunha (presidente);
Rui Pedro Cunha, João Tubal Gonçalves (vice-presidentes);
Isabel Cunha e Connie Kong (vogais)
Director Executivo
Filipa Guadalupe (
Conselho Editorial
Jorge Godinho,
Filipa Guadalupe (Editores Executivos)
Colaboraram Nesta Edição
Nelson Rose; Jorge Godinho; João Torrão; Rui Cardona
Zhen Yishu e Cristiano Cheong
Frc Global Communication Lda, Carlos Canhita, Célia Brás

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