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Transborder Data Flows and Macau SAR Data Protection Framework

Title / 書名 / Título: Transborder Data Flows and Macau SAR Data Protection Framework (Original Version)

跨境資料轉移及澳門特別行政區資料保護框架 (原始版本)

Fluxos Transfronteiras de Dados Pessoais e o Quadro Geral de Protecção em Macau (Versão Original)

Author / 作者 / Autor : Catarina Guerra Gonçalves

Editorial Coordination / 編輯協調 / Coordenação Editorial: Filipa Guadalupe (, 澳門法律反思研究及傳播中心 / CRED-DM

Centro de Reflexão, Estudo e Difusão do Direito de Macau –,

官樂怡基金會 / Fundação Rui Cunha

行政委員會 / Conselho de Administração: 官樂怡 / Rui Cunha (主席 / Presidente); Rui Pedro Cunha,

João Tubal Gonçalves (副主席 / vice-presidentes); Isabel Cunha, Connie Kong (委員 / vogais)

Translation into Chinese Language / Tradução para Língua Chinesa / 中文翻譯: Isabel Sio ( 蕭麗嫦)

Translation into Portuguese Language / Tradução para Língua Portuguesa/ 葡文翻譯: Catarina Guerra Gonçalves

Cover and pagination / 排版 / Capa e Paginação: FRC Global Communications Ltd, João Ruivo, Célia Brás

電話 / Telefone / Telephone: (853) 28923288

郵箱 / E-mail:

郵寄 / Correio & Mail: 澳門南灣大馬路749號地下,官樂怡基金會澳門法律反思研究及傳播中心

CRED-DM – Publicações, Fundação Rui Cunha, Avenida da Praia Grande, nº 749 – R/C, RAEM, RPC

總部、行政、出版及所有權 / Sede, Administração, Publicidade e Propriedade:

澳門南灣大馬路749號地下 / Avenida da Praia Grande, nº 749 – R/C, RAEM, RPC

Property and Publisher / 所有權/出版社 / Propriedade e Editora: 官樂怡基金會 / Fundação Rui Cunha

Price / 澳門售價 / Preço (Macau): MOP 150

Date / 日期 / Data: 02/2017

Circulation / 發行量 / Tiragem : 100

ISBN 978-99965-665-6-1

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$ 135.00 $ 150.00 MOP



This book is the outcome of the meticulous research of Ms. Catarina Guerra Gonçalves for obtaining her master’s degree in International Business Law under my supervision, followed by a comprehensive update in 2016. Its subject matter of data collection and transborder transfer is highly relevant since data collection and transfer impact our daily lives, even if we are not always aware of it. Data collection and transfer of data is very commonly done by public authorities and commercial entities.

Governments collect data for statistics, taxation, combating of organised crime, … Companies are interested in personal data for human resources, business operation, and marketing purposes. Despite its importance and usefulness data collection risks undermining a fundamental human right, the right to privacy, which includes the protection of personal data against unwarranted intrusion. Especially in an era were data can be easily collected and stored electronically, a robust legal protection of personal data is quintessential to avoid that personal data are misused or are illegitimately made available to others. Furthermore, a legal protection must equally include provisions on the transfer of data to other jurisdictions. In a globalised world, data can be easily transferred to other jurisdictions, which do not offer the same or similar protection of personal data. In this respect, differences in legal protection may cause significant hurdles, as Facebook experienced in the EU, when the European Court of Justice in a preliminary ruling declared that the Safe Harbour agreement between the EU and the US was invalid because the US did not have adequate safeguards to protect personal data.

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